Engagement Photo Locations In Minnesota (With Examples!)

April 18, 2024

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Congrats on your engagement! Minnesota offers a stunning array of locations for your engagement photos, from bustling urban landscapes to serene lakes and parks. I’ve created this guide to help you find the perfect location and answer some common questions about engagement sessions.

Engagement Photo Locations in Minnesota

Some of my favorite engagement photo locations as an engagement & wedding photographer.

Square Lake Park

Permit Not Needed // Mildly Busy

Stillwater, MN

Square Lake Park features clear waters, quiet surroundings, and tall pine trees, making it a great location for engagement photos.

  • Tall pine trees
  • Lake, dock, & beach
  • Walking paths
  • Dog friendly

Stone Arch Bridge

Permit Not Needed // Always Busy

Minneapolis, MN

The Stone Arch Bridge offers a historic backdrop with stunning views of the Minneapolis skyline, ideal for urban-style engagement photos.

  • Cityscape
  • Historical architecture
  • Great all-year round

Taylors Falls

Permit Needed // Moderately Busy

Taylors Falls, MN

Taylors Falls provides rugged cliffs and lush greenery, perfect for a dramatic natural setting.

  • Rock Formations
  • Tall trees
  • River
  • Private Trails
  • Overlooks

Montissippi Regional Park

Permit Not Needed // Mildly Busy

Monticello, MN

With its wooded trails & tall pines, Montissippi Regional Park is great for capturing engagement photos all year round.

  • Tall pines
  • Secluded
  • Great all-year round
  • Dog friendly

Whitetail Woods Regional Park

Permit Not Needed // Mildly Busy

Farmington, MN

Whitetail Woods Regional Park is known for its dense forests and open prairies, offering diverse landscapes for photo sessions.

  • Tall trees
  • Large grass fields
  • Large park allowing us to wander off and be secluded

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Permit Needed // Always Busy

Chaska, MN

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum features beautifully maintained gardens and seasonal blooms, suitable for a colorful, garden-themed shoot.

  • Large Park
  • Offers a TON of variety
  • Stunning in the fall (and all year round tbh)

Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Permit Needed // Moderately Busy

Minneapolis, MN

Lyndale Park Rose Garden is filled with vibrant rose & plant varieties with scenic garden paths, providing a romantic floral setting.

  • Beautifully maintained garden
  • Walking paths
  • Cherry blossoms in the spring
  • Water fountains

Local Coffee Shop

Anywhere, MN

A local coffee shop can offer a casual and intimate backdrop, reflecting a relaxed, everyday setting for engagement photos.

  • Cozy relaxed atmosphere
  • Opportunity to bring a game and relax
  • Perfect if you’re slightly more camera shy

Your College Campus

Anywhere, MN

Your college campus can serve as a meaningful location, filled with personal memories and academic architecture for a unique session.

  • Historical architecture
  • Maintained plants & gardens
  • Walking paths

Park Point

Permit Not Needed // Moderately Busy

Duluth, MN

If you’re from the Duluth area or maybe just want to visit, this is a super fun location for an engagement session with long sandy beaches, tall grasses, & the lake superior shore.

  • Beach
  • Tall Grass
  • Lake Superior

A Local Bar

Anywhere, MN

A local bar can provide a uniquely personal setting for your engagement photos, combining eclectic decor and a relaxed ambiance for fun, casual engagement photos.

  • Intimate
  • Editorial
  • Dramatic

Google Map of Engagement Photo Locations in Minnesota

Below I’ve mapped and categorized engagement photo locations by permit/no permit needed and indoor/outdoor. I hope this helps you find a location not too far from you to have your session!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions and answers about engagement photos I get asked, and hear about, as a wedding & engagement photographer.

When is the best time of year to take engagement photos in Minnesota?

Each season in Minnesota has its charm. Spring offers blooming flowers and lush greenery, summer provides vibrant sunset backdrops, fall is perfect for capturing the orange and yellow leaves, and winter brings a snowy wonderland ideal for cozy, romantic shots. Consider what seasonal backdrop reflects your relationship or contrasts/is opposite of your wedding season.

Do I need a permit to take engagement photos in certain locations in Minnesota?

Some locations, especially parks and historic sites, may require a permit for photography to ensure that the area remains preserved and that your session does not conflict with other events. Always check with the site’s management before planning your shoot. Your photographer will typically handle this for you and just pass on the cost of the permit to you.

What should we wear for our engagement session?

Choose outfits that complement each other without matching too closely. Consider the season and location—layering works well for colder months, while lighter fabrics are suitable for summer. Avoid overly bold patterns that may clash with natural backdrops, and opt for colors that blend harmoniously with the outdoor environment. I recommend earth tones & neutrals as a good place to start.

What are some tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera?

Spend some time getting to know your photographer before the shoot, which can help you feel more at ease. Act naturally and focus on interacting with your partner rather than the camera. Many photographers will guide you through poses, prompts, and actions that look natural.

How soon should we book our engagement photos?

It’s best to book your engagement photos at least 3-6 months in advance, especially if you’re aiming for a popular time or location. This ensures you get your desired spot and photographer, and have plenty of time to plan the details of your shoot.

What are the most popular engagement photo locations in Minnesota?

The most popular engagement photo spots include the historic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls, and the scenic views along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The vibrant colors of the Split Rock Lighthouse or the tranquil settings of the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory also make for stunning backdrops.

How long does an engagement photo session typically last?

Engagement sessions typically last between 1-2 hours. This allows you enough time to relax, change outfits if desired, and explore different settings within the location to get a variety of shots.

What are the best times of day for engagement photos?

The best lighting for photos is typically during ‘golden hour’—shortly after sunrise or the 30-60min before sunset. This time provides soft, diffused light which is flattering and helps to avoid harsh shadows. I also love blending into ‘blue hour’ — right after the sun is set. At blue hour we can use some direct flash and get some bold, contrasted pictures.

What if we’re very shy or uncomfortable being photographed?

Let your photographer know beforehand—they are experienced in helping couples relax in front of the camera. Consider doing an activity during your shoot, like coffee & board games, going out to dinner before the session, or doing a picnic date as the engagement session. Activities can help you loosen up and capture more candid, natural expressions

What are some creative themes or concepts for engagement photos?

Think about themes that fit your personalities, such as a vintage-styled picnic at a secluded park, a romantic boat ride, or a playful session in a carnival or fair. Seasonal themes can also be fun, like a cozy winter shoot with hot cocoa and blankets, or a vibrant spring shoot among blooming flowers.

What should we do with our engagement photos after the shoot?

You can use your engagement photos in a variety of ways: save-the-date cards, your wedding website, a wedding guestbook, or as part of your home decor. These photos are also great for holiday cards or as thoughtful gifts for family.

What is the benefit of an engagement photo session?

An engagement photo session helps you get comfortable in front of the camera and with your photographer, ensuring more natural, relaxed photos on the wedding day. Working with your photographer before your wedding day can ensure that you enjoy their working style in person & editing style in the gallery you receive back. It also provides beautiful images for save-the-dates, wedding websites, and decor, creating a cohesive look for wedding-related materials.

What are the best indoor locations for engagement photos in Minnesota?

For those looking for indoor options in Minnesota, the Como Park Conservatory offers a lush, floral & greenery backdrop regardless of the weather outside. Art museums like the Minneapolis Institute of Art provide a culturally rich setting. Alternatively, the Landmark Center with its ornate interiors or the modern spaces of the Guthrie Theater are excellent choices.

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Hi! I'm Caitlyn Kloeckl, a Wedding Photographer & Film Lover. My mission extends beyond capturing images; it's about enriching your once-in-a-lifetime adventure with meaningful insights and unwavering support.

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Hey! I am Caitlyn Kloeckl, a Wedding Photographer & Film Lover. My mission extends beyond capturing images; it's about enriching your once-in-a-lifetime adventure with meaningful insights and unwavering support.

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