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Where do I even start. I've been taking pictures of everything and anything since middle school. Me and my friend Brianna Kirk would go out and do photoshoots with each other whenever we could. Gradually, my passion took a professional turn. After doing some family and senior picture sessions, I started second shooting weddings and absolutely fell in love with it.

When I'm behind the lens, it's like entering a symbiotic relationship with my camera. It's a feeling that's hard to put into words, but I feel tethered to my camera. The lens guides me, leading me to the heart of every scene, enabling me to encapsulate the essence of the moments that unfold before my eyes.

Why Photography?

I've had a passion for travel since childhood. Finally after graduating college and working full time, in 2022, I transformed a cargo trailer into a fully off-grid camper to allow me to spend more time in nature. The process was probably one of the most challenging but rewarding things I've ever done. My love for adventure and storytelling fuels my passion for wedding photography, as I get to capture love stories and adventure around the world. I often bring my camper to a nearby campsite for weddings that are further away from my place. It keeps costs down and I get to blend my two favorite passions.

My Personal Life captured on film:

Whats with the Trailer?

Just enjoying life & capturing some stunning weddings!


Got my lil' pup Rocky (named after Rocky Mountain National Park) I spend a lot of time practicing my photography skills with him :)

Mar. 2023

Built my camper!

Summer 2022

Graduated College with a degree in physics and started working full time as a software engineer

Jan. 2022

Continued studying and working on my degree at university and continued to develop my photography skills with family, senior pictures, and second shooting weddings

2020 - 2021

Started my Photography Business and photographed my first wedding!

Oct. 2020

Started attending University of Minnesota

SEPT. 2019

Graduated High School!

May. 2019

Here's My story:

p.s. I'll alwaus encourage you to bring your dog to the session

February 2024:
  • Arizona
October 2024:
  • Virgina/D.C.

Let's Explore Together

Current Travel Schedule:

There's nothing I love more than travel and photography. Becuase of this, I offer discounted packages for bucket list destinations and places that are already on my travel schedule!

  • Redwoods National Park
  • Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Banff National Park
  • Denali National Park
  • Iceland 

Travel Bucket List:

You Heard My story,
Let Me Capture Yours?