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At my core I'm a visual storyteller deeply passionate about capturing memories through both digital and film photography. My approach is a blend of editorial and documentary styles, focusing on documenting love stories with a creative, candid flair. I thrive capturing the real stuff—spontaneous moments and authentic personalities. Born and raised in Minnesota, photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and now I've been doing this professionally for over 3 years. 

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My true goal is to help you plan a wedding day that you'll enjoy every minute of. Once that's achieved, taking photos you love will be the easy part. I'll capture not only the grand moments but also those candid, subtle details that often go unnoticed.



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Recent Love Stories

We had the most incredible experience using Caitlyn Kloeckl photography for our wedding! Our photos are gorgeous and beautifully captured the memories of our favorite day. We received so many compliments on our photos and we still love looking through them all the time. Caitlyn is so wonderful to work with and took care of the photos so well that it was one less thing to think about on our wedding day. 

"Our photos are gorgeous and beautifully captured the memories of our favorite day..."




From the welcome booklet with all the details and thoughts that could easily slip a Bride's mind to the coordinating of our special day, we can't thank you enough!! The pictures and organization met our expectations and then some. Thank you for not only capturing our day with beautiful images but also being there for support and guidance.

"Caitlyn was simply amazing...."




 The pictures are so special to us and we cherish them as we are able to look back to our wedding day with tasteful photos and film photography. We are forever grateful. Caitlyn Kloeckl Photography captures amazing photos that project the love in a ceremony, families coming together, friends celebrating, dancing through the evening, and all the precious little moments of a wedding day

"Our wedding day was a dream and our dreamy day was captured perfectly...."




She was there on time and helped guide me and my husband the whole night! She has such a kind heart and is willing to take whatever kind of photos you’re looking for. She was spot on by communicating with us months prior to the wedding and helped get the schedule for the day. It took so much weight off of our shoulders!

"Caitlyn did nothing short of amazing!...."




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